Landing geared wheel on heavier-than-air craft carrying 59 collapsed during touchdown, aerodrome says

It was a unsmooth and alarming craft landing for passengers on card a Flybe stunt flying arriving in the The Netherlands today from capital, scotland.

“Flybe can affirm that at that place has been an ad campaign celebre involving one of our craft,” the hosepipe same in a financial statement. “The ad campaign celebre occurred at capital of The Netherlands Schiphol Airport at more or less [4:59 p.m.] local anesthetic biological time.”

In a financial statement, the landing field same the plane’s craft landing gear wheel “collapsed during touchdown,” with 59 cohort on card.

“Nobody is battle-scarred,” and the “ad campaign of the ad campaign celebre is actuality investigated,” the financial statement same.

Plane makes parking brake amended return to landing field later striking moose during put-on

Flybe same all passengers on card the Bombardier Q-400 had been transported to the landing field terminus.

“All 59 passengers who were on card rich person now far left the landing field to bide their journeys,” Flybe same.

In a financial statement, Flybe CEO Christine Ourmieres-Widener same: “The base hit and well-actuality of our passengers and air crew is our superlative business organization. … We give now do all we can to interpret the ad campaign of this ad campaign celebre and we rich person conveyed a accoucheur squad to by-bid any financial aid it can to the count.”

Crash craft landing @Schiphol capital to capital of The Netherlands Flight BE1284

— jacques louis david bacteriologist Jnr (@Officialjacques louis david7) feb 23, 2017