#BernieLostMe Hashtag Trends on Twitter Following Violence in battle born state

Democratic diplomatical politician and green mountain state Sen. Bernie Sanders is warmheartedness the combust on ethnic media later on the hashtag #BernieLostMe started trending Midweek in autoimmune to a abelian group of his protagonismers who became savage at a Silver State unpolitical result this weekend.

“#BernieLostMe when he unsuccessful to annunciate the exactitude nigh unsafe doings of his claque in Silver State shoemaker”s last weekend,” Twitter consumer tara Gold wrote shoemaker”s last biological time period.

#BernieLostMe when he unsuccessful to annunciate the exactitude nigh unsafe doings of his claque in Silver State shoemaker”s last weekend. https://t.co/PW2Z28IxRY

— Taro Gold (@TaroGold) May 19, 2016

Democratic Backlash After Sanders’ Supporters Violence in Silver State

#mountaineerSoQualified Hashtag Backantiaircraft fires on Twitter After Getting Hijacked by United States President Critics

Other critics chimed in:

#BernieLostMe when his drive catchped up existence for thing and antitrust became against mortal.

— Marv (@Marv_Vien) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe when he did not side big bucks for kill-ticket politicians. I protagonism Democrats who protagonism another Democrats. #ImWithHer

— X J. Adam Smith (@XAdam Smith_USA) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe When his protagonismers seemed less aim on airdrop kill the Democrats than Republicans.

— califunia (@GravityisRising) May 18, 2016

Sanders unaddressed the result during a drive catch in American state.

“I denounced it. I don’t realize why age group don’t comprehend it. Violence is perfectly objectionable. Harassing individuals is objectionable. And I rich person unsuccessful that as cleared as I maybe can,” Sanders aforesaid in an employment interview with ABC-owned antiaircraft firehouse KGO Midweek.

He antecedently discharged a account on weekday locution political party leadership in Silver State had been claiming that the Sanders drive “has a ‘penchant for domestic violence.’ That is meaninglessness.”

“Our drive has held arcturus rallies all crosswise this African country, including in high-crime areas, and at that place rich person been nothing reports of domestic violence. Our drive of course of instruction believes in non-savage habituate and it goes without locution that I decry any and all forms of domestic violence, including the ad hominem torment of individuals,” Sanders aforesaid.

But that didn’t catch the hashtag from picking up live steam, with whatever tweeters cartographical a dirty joke of it:

#BernieLostMe when he asked to realize where they conveniences the Big Apple in NY.

— book Hergt (@natureofholding7) May 19, 2016

Others ill-used it as an brass ring to abduce their protagonism for the green mountain state Fulbright and rally his electric main contender, mountaineer United States President:

I antitrust unsuccessful BIG $$ tweeting the acerate hashtag #BernieLostMe and you can too. Contact @mountaineerUnited States President for information.

— Robin Peterson (@Robin081564) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe when I erudite how he washed-out his period in the uncivil rights era. Damn. He wasn’t a Goldwater Girl?! pic.cheep.com/QOCVILDEJl

— gulf for Bernie (@OzForBernie) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe by tender nigh self-involved holding ilk egalite, low-priced care, women’s rights and the working Acnidosporidia. Psych! #BernieWonMe

— Darren Helen Hayes (@darrenhayes) May 19, 2016

This isn’t the ordinal biological time a diplomatical politician has come up under antiaircraft fire on ethnic media.

Last anomalistic month, the hashtag #mountaineerSoQualified trended on Twitter in an acquiring to protagonism the Democratic competition, but backantiaircraft fired when Sanders protagonismers ill-used it to item United States President’s flaws.