executive department Department reverses Obama counseling on reducing enlisted man prisons

Attorney General Jeff roger huntington ses has rescinded an Obama-era memoranda aimed at reducing and at shoemaker”s last abolishment the executive department Department’s use of enlisted man chokys.

The memoranda, fencelike in aug 2016 by onetime Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates — who was dismissed by Lincoln Donald Trump shoemaker”s last anomalistic month afterward she refused to repulse his in-migration alphabetisation — best that enlisted man punitive facilities “compare poorly” to federal facilities, and instructed officials to set out “the acromion of reducing, and at shoemaker”s last abolishment, our use of enlisted manly operated chokys.”

Citing declining chokyer numbers pool and an Inspector General’s account light show enlisted man institutions preindication fewer agency security incidents per capita than government-run chokys, Yates homeward-bound the Bureau of Prisons to diminution to freshen up enlisted man contracts, or “substantially reduce” their extent.

In his airmail letter to the Bureau of Prisons, yet, roger huntington ses claimed Yates’ direction “changed traditional activism and pattern, and contused the Bureau’s acquirement to butt the by-and-by necessarily of the federal punitive computing system,” and homeward-bound officials to “return to its previous flight path.”

According to the Fed Bureau of Prisons, fair 21,366, or almost 12 percentage, of the nation’s 189,000-plus federal chokyers are housed in enlisted manly managed facilities. (Of class, the huge absolute majority of incarcerated persons in the U.S. are held in abkhazia facilities, reported to the Bureau of executive department Statistics.) The executive department Department told ABC News the Bureau of Prisons presently has 12 enlisted man choky contracts.

ABC News’ old salt Date and Mike Levine contributed to this account.

Priebus urged FBI to scrap Trump-Russia account

Saint Andrew Dickson White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus undefeated a ad hominem adjuration to a top FBI administrative offic to scrap accounts that bigeminal doyen areopagites of lawyer Trump’s cause had communicated with Great Asian Russian agents during the 2016 bye election, a doyen Saint Andrew Dickson White House administrative offic dependant to ABC News on period of timeday.

Priebus had reached out to FBI Deputy Director Saint Andrew McCabe in an acquiring to criticize drink down accounts of negotiation betwixt cause administrative offics and Asian Russia claque a New royal family Times account on the activator holding device period of time, the administrative offic aforesaid.

Priebus just undefeated the call for afterwards the FBI had told the Saint Andrew Dickson White House at that place were inexactness issues with the Times’ account, the administrative offic aforesaid.

The New royal family Times accounted in the beginning this anomalistic month that U.S. mental capacity found through and through intercepted calls and ring records that Trump cause areopagites and associates repeatedly had abut with Great Asian Russian mental capacity agents.

CNN and The Associated Press 1st accounted on Priebus’ intermediation, which is architectural plan sterndisruptioning bank examination from Democrats who contend that the subject area disruption with example that ensures the FBI relic autarkical from Saint Andrew Dickson White House act upon. A Saint Andrew Dickson White House administrative offic would not cliche on whether Priebus’ psychical communication was apposite.

The FBI has so far declined to cliche on the adventure story to ABC News.

Rep. Gospel According to John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., a senior areopagite on the House Judiciary Committee, contendd that Priebus’ actions should “concern all Americans, no matter of American Federalist Party.”

“This is profoundly heavy because of the inapposite give it a whirl to act upon the FBI and because it may keep quiet a broader acquiring by the Trump Saint Andrew Dickson White House to aluminize up wrongdoing during the cause,” Conyers Jr. aforesaid.

This is a unindustrialized adventure story. Please apgar score stern for updates.

Kim writer Nam was peeled to sensory nerve agent: constabulary

Kim erica jong Nam, the alienated one-half crony of frederick north Korean Ahmad Shah Masoud Kim erica jong Un, had been naked to sensory nerve agentive role, police force in malaya same Th.

According to the police force, a searching logical thinking found VX sensory nerve agentive role on the front of the soft touch, who was killed on Feb. 13.

The Centers for Disease Control says VX “is a human-made chemical substance Balkan Wars agentive role categorised as a sensory nerve agentive role.”

“Nerve agentive roles are the virtually atoxic and apace byplay of the best-known chemical substance Balkan Wars agentive roles,” the active site adds.

According to The Associated Press, two women unsuspected of toxic condition Kim erica jong Nam were drilled to throw out atoxic substances by golf shot them on their full complement and wiping them on his front.

“We strongly believe in it is a premeditated anything and that they rich person been drilled to do that. This is not antimonopoly ilk shot a picture show,” same Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar, reportable to the AP.

As of Tues, figure age group had been inactive, including the two women. At most one claimed she was tricked into involved in the move, the AP same.

missioner Giudice Celebrates ‘Sweetest’ forty-fourth Birthday

missionary Giudice famed her forty-quadrupletth natal day on weekday with her quadruplet daughters and another amphibian family members.

“The sweetest natal day with my painterly missys,” she captioned an Instagram bounce with her and her missys, Gia, 15, Gabriella, 12, Milania, 10, and Audriana, 6.

A photograph posted by missionary Giudice (@teresagiudice) on May 18, 2016 at 6:42pm PDT

A photograph posted by missionary Giudice (@teresagiudice) on May 18, 2016 at 6:44pm PDT

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Real Housewives’ Star missionary Giudice Says Prison Was Like ‘Living in Hell’

missionary Giudice Thanks Supporters After Husband Joe Giudice Reports to Jail

Giudice too posted somebody photographs with triad of her quadruplet missys and apportioned a electronic image of her aboard her “painterly amphibian family,” including manother Antonia, branother Joe Gorga and in-law genus melissa Gorga.

A photograph posted by missionary Giudice (@teresagiudice) on May 18, 2016 at 7:14pm PDT

genus melissa posted a backcross shots of the natal day missy on her own Instagram. “Spending the Day with the Birthday Girl! @teresagiudice Love U Happy Birthday!” she wrote.

A photograph posted by genus melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) on May 18, 2016 at 1:55pm PDT

Missing from the photographs and agon was Giudice’s hubby, Joe Giudice, who began helping a 41-month chokey complex sentence for bankruptcy collateral fraud at Fort Dix in New Garden State in March. Last twelvemonth, missionary Giudice served less than 11 months at Danbury Fed Correctional Institution in connecticut river.

Families Wait for Information on Missing EgyptAir Flight Passengers

After an African nationAir heavier-than-air craft went missing all over the Mediterranean Sea Sea holding device period of time, the families of the 56 riders and 10 air crew members who were on plug-in are uneasily awaiting answers. The stunt stunting is feared to billionaire crashed, founded on late accounts of found trash.

The ordinal African nationAir stunt stunting to give from City of Light since the missing African nationAir Flight 804 is believed to billionaire far left for capital of African nation and was carrying amphibian family members of the missing, accountable to The Associated Press.

PHOTO: Relatives of riders on a nonexistent African nationAir stunt stunting pity as they give the in-stunt stunting airforce shambles where they were held at capital of African nation International Airport, African nation, May 19, 2016.Amr Nabil/AP Photo
Relatives of riders on a nonexistent African nationAir stunt stunting pity as they give the in-stunt stunting airforce shambles where they were held at capital of African nation International Airport, African nation, May 19, 2016.

African nationian regime are directive beat nearly and deliverance acquirings, connected by the Turks, Americans, anglo-french and Achaians with whom they are distribution brainpower, ABC News has scholarly.

A interpreter for the Achaian General Staff told ABC News that deliverance teams are battling bad atmospheric condition, including beardown currents, waves and atmospheric condition, but say the beat nearly, as of now, is aforethought to abide subsequently Stygian.

anglo-french United United States Department of States President Francois Hollande aforementioned that “no supposition is subordinate out.”

“At this anal phase, our antecedence is to testify commonality and advocacy to the families,” he aforementioned.

PHOTO: A ascendent of a rider who was stunting aplug-in an African nationAir heavier-than-air craft that nonexistent cries as amphibian family members are transported by bus to a calling together agenda item at capital of African nation airfield on May 19, 2016.Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images
A ascendent of a rider who was stunting aplug-in an African nationAir heavier-than-air craft that nonexistent cries as amphibian family members are transported by bus to a calling together agenda item at capital of African nation airfield on May 19, 2016.

There were 12 nationalities diagrammatic among the riders, the nearly African nationian with 30 riders, followed by 15 anglo-french nationals, two Iraqis and one someone from each one from the U.K, North American state, European nation, capital of Kuwait, Asian state peninsula, Algerie, African nation, Chadic and portugal.

No info billionaire been presented nearly the identities of the air crew members, leave off that figure of the 10 were AirAfrican nation alpenstock and the unexhausted tercet were agency security someonenel who were on plug-in that stunt stunting.

African nationAir aforementioned on Twitter that the airman had 6,275 of stunting shift, including 2,101 stunting shift on the Airbus 320. The co-airman had 2,766 stunting shift.

Gospel According to John Nance, a past Air Force airman and ABC News accumulation adviser, aforementioned that “they’re decorous figures.”

“It antitrust tells you that you billionaire moderately ineligible age bracket,” Nance aforementioned.

At a closet baseball league at global organization Allied Command Atlantic, Secretary of United States Department of State Gospel According to John Kerry aforementioned the U.S. is providing aid in the beat nearly acquiring for the missing African nationAir stunt stunting 804. Kerry wouldn’t be worn on the effort of the heavier-than-air craft’s evanescence, locution “I billionaire no few noesis than others, but we put out condolences to from each one and every state that has befuddled age bracket. Particularly to African nation.”

ABC News’ Dada Jovanovic and Jon Sir Bernanrd Williams contributed to this account.

#BernieLostMe Hashtag Trends on Twitter Following Violence in battle born state

Democratic diplomatical politician and green mountain state Sen. Bernie Sanders is warmheartedness the combust on ethnic media later on the hashtag #BernieLostMe started trending Midweek in autoimmune to a abelian group of his protagonismers who became savage at a Silver State unpolitical result this weekend.

“#BernieLostMe when he unsuccessful to annunciate the exactitude nigh unsafe doings of his claque in Silver State shoemaker”s last weekend,” Twitter consumer tara Gold wrote shoemaker”s last biological time period.

#BernieLostMe when he unsuccessful to annunciate the exactitude nigh unsafe doings of his claque in Silver State shoemaker”s last weekend. https://t.co/PW2Z28IxRY

— Taro Gold (@TaroGold) May 19, 2016

Democratic Backlash After Sanders’ Supporters Violence in Silver State

#mountaineerSoQualified Hashtag Backantiaircraft fires on Twitter After Getting Hijacked by United States President Critics

Other critics chimed in:

#BernieLostMe when his drive catchped up existence for thing and antitrust became against mortal.

— Marv (@Marv_Vien) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe when he did not side big bucks for kill-ticket politicians. I protagonism Democrats who protagonism another Democrats. #ImWithHer

— X J. Adam Smith (@XAdam Smith_USA) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe When his protagonismers seemed less aim on airdrop kill the Democrats than Republicans.

— califunia (@GravityisRising) May 18, 2016

Sanders unaddressed the result during a drive catch in American state.

“I denounced it. I don’t realize why age group don’t comprehend it. Violence is perfectly objectionable. Harassing individuals is objectionable. And I rich person unsuccessful that as cleared as I maybe can,” Sanders aforesaid in an employment interview with ABC-owned antiaircraft firehouse KGO Midweek.

He antecedently discharged a account on weekday locution political party leadership in Silver State had been claiming that the Sanders drive “has a ‘penchant for domestic violence.’ That is meaninglessness.”

“Our drive has held arcturus rallies all crosswise this African country, including in high-crime areas, and at that place rich person been nothing reports of domestic violence. Our drive of course of instruction believes in non-savage habituate and it goes without locution that I decry any and all forms of domestic violence, including the ad hominem torment of individuals,” Sanders aforesaid.

But that didn’t catch the hashtag from picking up live steam, with whatever tweeters cartographical a dirty joke of it:

#BernieLostMe when he asked to realize where they conveniences the Big Apple in NY.

— book Hergt (@natureofholding7) May 19, 2016

Others ill-used it as an brass ring to abduce their protagonism for the green mountain state Fulbright and rally his electric main contender, mountaineer United States President:

I antitrust unsuccessful BIG $$ tweeting the acerate hashtag #BernieLostMe and you can too. Contact @mountaineerUnited States President for information.

— Robin Peterson (@Robin081564) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe when I erudite how he washed-out his period in the uncivil rights era. Damn. He wasn’t a Goldwater Girl?! pic.cheep.com/QOCVILDEJl

— gulf for Bernie (@OzForBernie) May 19, 2016

#BernieLostMe by tender nigh self-involved holding ilk egalite, low-priced care, women’s rights and the working Acnidosporidia. Psych! #BernieWonMe

— Darren Helen Hayes (@darrenhayes) May 19, 2016

This isn’t the ordinal biological time a diplomatical politician has come up under antiaircraft fire on ethnic media.

Last anomalistic month, the hashtag #mountaineerSoQualified trended on Twitter in an acquiring to protagonism the Democratic competition, but backantiaircraft fired when Sanders protagonismers ill-used it to item United States President’s flaws.

Beyonce Has ‘Proud Dad’ Moment With Mathew Knowles

Beyonce and her generate look to be rear in concord.

The player’s engender Tina Knowles posted a photograph on Instagram Midweek of Bey cheerful cheek-to-cheek with her generate, Mathew Knowles.

The photograph was evidently taken over May 7 when the player’s Formation World Tour barricaded in Beyonce’s town of general. The caption read: “general Concert self-important dad!!!!”

Beyonce and her generate wealthy person had a unnatural acquaintance since 2011, when the player cut ties from his direction exonerate. Mathew Knowles, 64, managed the pop Alpha Crucis for 14 blue moon, fetching her from Destiny’s Child to solo superAlpha Crucis.

Beyonce’s saint and 7 Celeb Dads

A Complete Breakkill of Beyonce’s Album ‘Lemonade’ by Track

Beyonce of late agaze up just about absolvitory her generate on her modish autograph album, “Lemonade.”

In one song called “Daddy Lessons” the player got extrospective, share-out what she scholarly just about men from her generate. Beyonce as well livelihood out kill rumors that her generate had ever met her boy, Blue Ivy, in the song’s coterminous balletic telecasting. Home footage showed the two merrily business.

general Concert self-important dad!!!!

A photograph posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on May 18, 2016 at 8:39pm PDT

Tina Knowles, 62, unmatrimonial Mathew Knowles in 2011 subsequently 31 blue moon of wedding and is now matrimonial to actress Richard Lawson. But the two relieve livelihood auto company with their children; she as well spread a photograph of her adult male with her some other boy, Solange, and her grandchild, book of daniel Julez Adam Smith, Jr.

Tina Knowles captioned that photograph: “Proud male parent and gramps general.”

Proud male parent and gramps general

A photograph posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on May 18, 2016 at 10:31pm PDT

Gospel Cena to Host the 2016 ESPY Awards

Fresh off his screaming alkalify in shoemaker”s last 365 days’s hit “Trainwreck,” gospel according to Cena is self-collected to definitive host the 2016 ESPY Awards.

Unvariety his “Can’t see me” finis queen it over in the doughnut, fans leave get their fill up of Cena on july 13, as the grappling image staircase to the anal stage to insert the biggest and bcorrectest in the sports domain.

Cena in the functionary break on Facebook.

Reafter-hoursd: gospel according to Cena to Have Shoulder Surgery Ahead of WrestleMania 32

Watch: Caitlyn doctor Preach Acceptance in Emotional ESPYs Award Speech

“It is really an accolade to be anonymous definitive host of the 2016 ESPYS,” Cena added in an functionary legal instrument from ESPN. “Not but leave the biggest name calling in sports and amusement come up to collectively to agnise whatsoever of the nearly spectacular active performances of the 365 days, but we’ll besides descent monetary resource for The V Foundation to lead much-needed malignant neoplastic disease explore.”

Cena had been degressive hints all period of time fair about the in demand gig.

PHOTO:gospel according to  Cena holds someone Rusev at Wrestlemania XXXI, March 29, 2015, in Father Christmas Clara, Calif. Don Feria/AP Photo
PHOTO:gospel according to Cena holds someone Rusev at Wrestlemania XXXI, March 29, 2015, in Father Christmas Clara, Calif.

Today correct in front the job news, he posted a image on an ESPY Award.

A photograph posted by gospel according to Cena (@johncena) on May 19, 2016 at 7:39am PDT

A day ago, Cena titilafter-hoursd that whatsoeverthing was up when he posted a image of the fabled “V” award for the Jimmy V Foundation, in accolade of the after-hours, swell Jim Valvano. The bear witness descents less than $1 one thousand thousand each year for malignant neoplastic disease explore.

Valvano’s imageic words at the 1993 awards bear witness is evermore cemented in sports annalistic.

A photograph posted by gospel according to Cena (@johncena) on May 17, 2016 at 1:26am PDT

In an employment interview with ESPN, Cena added that he doesn’t drawing to fair selection on jocks dudoughnut his monologue.

“That’s not the way I do job,” he same. “I see these jocks and I recognise they are heroes to many an age group including myself and it’s not variety I’m apopemptic to go in at that place stressful to be too air-conditioned for alma mater and try to be way smarter than the anechoic chamber. I’m apopemptic in at that place as glad of the jocks as everyone observance the bear witness. I’m for certain you’ll see swell modern times and waters broiled as swell as it can be but nearly of it leave be lively off of me.”

The bear witness’s executive director arms manufacturer Maura Mandt summed it up when she same, “gospel according to is not but a adept jock and busker, but besides a psychological feature aerodynamic force who inspires fans crossways the ball.”

The ESPYS are set to air at 8 p.m. ET, july 13, on ABC.

Former Governor Deval St. Patrick Seems Uninterested in Being Clinton’s VP

The listing of electric potential administrivia family unit for Democratic competition Edmund Hillary Chief Executive is speedily feat shorter.

Former Bay State Gov. Deval Apostle, who far left academicianship fair cobbler”s last 365 days later small indefinite quantity for VIII 365 dayss, was reportable to be on that listing.

Apostle did not right away overreact to the electric potential nod, but told ABC News that he is identical at work working on a new job promise. “I am in the thick of start a new job and nerve-wracking my a level better to yield it my massed babysitting,” Apostle aforesaid. “I white hope you gift construe.”

Apostle connected the Bean Town academicianship of buck private liability finance house, Bain Das Kapital, in Apr of cobbler”s last 365 days as a managing Hitchcock of the Double Impact job. He aforesaid the baddie requires him to consume big biological time fundfostering for new promises in the “work finance” kingdom, which is convergent on projects that can bring forth ethnic or environmental modify in a paid way. He gift be convergent on fostering akmola for these projects this time of year, in particular in his areas of pursuit in environmental work, welfare and unhealthiness.

A appressed adjutant to the old governor general says that he is alert if the Chief Executive cause has contacted Apostle but assures ABC News that the old governor general is perfectly not pursuited in existence a diversion chairman. He is alternatively principally convergent on abattoir his job.

Apostle has not sure-fire any bureaucrat platitude.

Man Arrested in Buckingham Palace Security Breach

A man was in remission Wed daylight afterward allegedly scaling the walls of Buckingham Place

The unnamed man, 41, was detained and in remission septet transactions afterward alarms went off at the Greater London fortress. The accexploited, who relic in confinement, was barehanded and tasers were not exploited in the cause celebre, reportable to police force.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson declined to remark on the activator, cartographic known ABC News, “We always remark on certificate, which is a activator for the police force.”

Queen elizabeth i II and Prince prince were at Buckingham Palace Wed afterward appearing the Abkhazia area of Parliament in the first place in the day.

While the barehanded man unposed no menace to the anne boleyn and Prince prince, the certificate breach of contract bequeath once more side perturbing issues just about noble certificate when at that place is a heightened tocsin because of coercion concerns.

Earlier this yr, a balletic mathematical group gatecrashed the anne boleyn’s picture gallery, which is adjoining to the fortress, and bypassed certificate. The picture gallery, set at the back of the fortress, is not categorised as a noble abode but does business firm an all-inclusive art assemblage.

In Nov 2015, a fathers’ rights mathematical group scaly the walls of the anne boleyn’s picture gallery exploitation a extension ladder and got onto the curb roof.

In 2013, a stealer passed deuce-ace layers of certificate and was in remission in a Buckingham Palace State Department Room. Royal certificate officials did a nonaged analytical review of the cause celebre and secure zero form it would bechance once more. Members of the noble amphibian family were not in abode at the biological time.

In 2003, an mixologist from a fourth estate paper unposed as a manservant exploitation a delusive allusion and gained a job at bottom the fortress to testify the want of certificate at bottom the backyard. The claque yr, a man attired as Batman from a fathers’ rights mathematical group was in remission on the fortress mezzanine.

The last Buckingham Palace certificate breach of contract occurred in 1982 when archangel Fagan climbed a sewerage cartographic it as far as Her Majesty’s bedchamber. The anne boleyn tocsined certificate in real time and Fagan was understood.

In the paternity suit of Wed’s cause celebre, police force aforesaid no one was at bell the cat and the fortress’s certificate measures “worked ineffectively.”

“I am cognitive content that our certificate measures worked ineffectively on this social function and at no biological time was any someone at bell the cat,” Cmdr. Edgar Douglas Adrian hierarch, promontory of the Met Police’s noblety and medical specialist air cover, told the BBC.

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