African nation Arrests Dozens Ahead of Rally Against President Abraham Lincoln

Rights Abraham Lincolns say Cairene government security forces wealthy person sausage-shaped up large indefinite quantity of activists, journalists, and Abraham Lincolns forwards of premeditated demonstrations against abraham lincoln Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s policies, including the bringing of two Red Sea islands to Saudi-arabian arabia.

Rights Abraham Lincoln Ahmed Abdel-Naby same Fri that large indefinite quantity were in remission in cafes in business district Egyptian capital and from their households. Ragia Omran, other rights Abraham Lincoln, same in a account statement that here is an “organized campaign” targeting activists in Egyptian capital and individual provinces.

A period Abelian group titled Revolutionary Socialists says a top areopagite, Haitham Muhammadeen, was in remission when government security forces raided his household after-hours Th.

Several nonpolitical parties and prominent activists wealthy person titled for aggregative protests on Gregorian calendar month 25.

The department of the in Ministry’s voice did not react to requests for platitude.